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Finding a place to live should be this easy. Whether it’s a temporary work assignment or looking for a new place, finding somewhere to live is a headache—browsing, visiting, applications, WiFi, utilities, furniture, fixed leases. We take care of it all, so you’re free to live your life.

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A Guide to Travel Nursing with a Family

(7 days ago) WebTravel nursing alone, without pets, children, or significant others to consider, already has its challenges and its rewards, which mostt of you have probably already sorted out for …

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16 Jobs that Allow You to Travel

(Just Now) WebTravel agents offer advice, plan travel itineraries, and sell various services. They might help with passports, lodging, and insurance. If you’re interested in learning about all different …

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How to Pack for a Long Trip: The Extended Stay Packing List

(6 days ago) WebExtra travel tip: plan your outfits day-by-day before your departure if you know what the weather is going to look like. This can help with packing light if you are limited on space …

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11 Gifts for Someone Who Travels a Lot for Work

(5 days ago) WebFor those work travelers who do a lot of day trips or overnights, a good travel backpack is essential, therefore being a perfect travel gift idea. They can leave for their work trip in …

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Traveling for Work and Relationships: How to Balance It

(2 days ago) WebHow to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Work Traveling can lead to bad habits. See our guide on how to eat healthy while traveling…. How to Work While Traveling Not in the …

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Where to Find Travel Nurse Furnished Housing

(2 days ago) WebAs a traveling nurse, you have to do this and find travel nurse accommodations for every assignment. That includes packing every 2-6 months, traveling to a new city, and finding …

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A Guide to Travel Nursing with Pets

(3 days ago) WebTravel nurses are typically booked for 13-week contracts. That’s already more than 3 months of being gone from your home. And this is just the average. Many contracts can …

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10 Tips for Parents Who Travel for Work

(7 days ago) WebThe routine of work travel can be drastically different than your at-home family life routine. Whether it’s tying the shoelaces of your youngest or meeting your spouse for a midweek …

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Work

(1 days ago) WebPlane travel is a great time to bring along your healthy snacks. If you have some homemade trail mix, dried fruit or protein balls on hand, you’re less likely to go for the chocolate bars …

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How to Work While Traveling

(5 days ago) WebTo work at sea, you don’t necessarily need experience — just a thirst to travel the world, interact with travelers, and be ready to work hard. If this all sounds good, working on a …

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Temporary Housing for Healthcare Workers

(8 days ago) WebIt’s used by over 100,000 travel nurses and trusted by more than 100 medical staffing companies. It covers more than 25,000 properties nationwide with a focus on stays that …

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12 First Business Trip Tips to Set You Up For Success

(1 days ago) WebThe Ultimate Business Trip Packing List We've compiled the ultimate business trip packing list to make sure you don't forget anything before…. Where to Stay in New York City for …

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The Ultimate Business Trip Packing List

(7 days ago) WebTravel-size hairspray, shampoo and conditioner, and razors make the list, too (just remember to keep them in a plastic bag if you’re going on the plane). Book. Bring a book …

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Temporary Housing for Those Working Out of State

(6 days ago) WebWhether you’re a remote worker, travel nurse, construction worker, or anything in between, we know how important it is to have a place where you feel comfortable. Whether you’re …

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Temporary Housing During Construction: Your Complete Guide

(3 days ago) WebThe housing situation needs to address everything your home usually takes care of—think workspace, relaxation, cooking, privacy, cleaning, and enough bathrooms for the whole …

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12 Long Commute to Work Tips: How to be Productive

(7 days ago) WebFor those of us who have jobs that allow you to travel to and from a place of work every day, this article was made for you. We’ve compiled a list of our best long commute to …

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