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I’ll cross rivers and valleys, and the snowy Himalayas so tall, And fly to faraway China to see the Great Wall. Then I’ll float to Egypt, and visit the great Nile, And see the pyramids, and the Sphinx’s mysterious smile. I’ll travel to the African jungles where wild animals roam, And visit European cities like London, Paris, and Rome.

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Family Friend Poems

(4 days ago) WebThank You: We at Family Friend Poems are deeply grateful to the hundreds of thousands of poets who have submitted their work to our website, and to the countless …

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43 Children's Poems On Twitter And Instagram

(8 days ago) WebTravel For Fun. By Santhini Govindan; Published by Family Friend Poems September 8, 2021 with the permission of the Author. in Poems for Kids. I want to travel …

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The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost, Famous Inspirational Poem

(3 days ago) WebThe great mass of mankind travel the road that is more worn by the footprints of others. We do not desire to be different. But the Road Not Taken is the higher Road that is chosen …

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Poems by Santhini Govindan

(3 days ago) WebThe Wind. Published: September 8, 2021. in Nature Poems for Kids. The Wind is such a strange and amazing being –. It has no legs, yet it travels far and wide. It …

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33 Poems For Students In Grades 6-8

(8 days ago) WebUpon me, as I travel With many a silvery waterbreak Above the golden gravel, And draw them all along, and flow To join the brimming river For men may come and men may go, …

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29 Famous Short Poems

(4 days ago) Web29 Famous Short Poems - Examples Of Short Poems By Famous Poets. 1. Dreams. Langston Hughes was an American poet who became famous for his work during the …

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8 Poems About Time Passing

(5 days ago) WebSome spend their time sad. For some people time is all they ever had. Some spend their time and some people save it. Some love wasting time and some people hate it. People …

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24 Famous Holiday Poems

(5 days ago) Web20. Minstrels. By William Wordsworth. In this famous narrative poem, William Wordsworth (1770-1850), recounts a Christmas tradition. Minstrels would travel door to door, playing …

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27 Poems To Use With Students In Grades 9-12

(6 days ago) WebIf you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or …

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60 Short Poems For Children

(Just Now) WebThose who lie, steal, and kill. Lord, I pray each and every day. Lord, I pray. Each and every day. For the homeless and starving, Those whose parents abuse them. And their skin …

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A Trip To Heaven, Spiritual Poem about Death

(5 days ago) WebI took a trip to heaven. But only in my mind. I wanted to know what it's like. To leave all you love behind. So I closed my eyes and started to see. Just how beautiful heaven can be. I …

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Friends Acrostic Poem, Friends

(Just Now) WebFriends are everything you say in your Acrostic poem Brother John. Flowers that we gather along life's highway, are friends kept in memory's floral bouquet. When you've a good …

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The Best of Edgar A. Guest: A Collection of 26 Powerful Poems

(7 days ago) WebIt takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home, A heap o' sun an' shadder, an' ye sometimes have t' roam. Afore ye really 'preciate the things ye lef' behind, An' hunger fer …

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9 Timeless Christmas Poems

(8 days ago) WebMinstrels would travel door to door, playing music and providing wishes for a great Christmas season. In true Wordsworth fashion, this poem highlights the natural elements …

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11 Birthday Poems For Daughters

(5 days ago) WebI'll whisper it so you won't hear, That way I know it will come true. My wish for you is like sunshine, Warm, cheery, and full of delight, My wish is the starlight, soothing and fine, …

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